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Radminding Macs

We use Radmind for daily maintenance on the cluster Macs. During a Radmind session, the machine contacts our Radmind server for a list of files that should exist on its System partition, then compares that list to the files actually present. Missing files are downloaded from the server and extra files are removed, resulting in a perfect cluster machine with just the files we want on it. What makes Radmind so useful is that it doesn't eat up a lot of network bandwidth for daily maintenanceÑonly the files that actually require updating are transferred.

Every cluster machine should Radmind automatically once a day at some time between 3 AM and 5:30 AM. (We stagger the starting times to reduce the load on our server.) However you may sometimes want to Radmind machines manually, if you suspect there is a problem or you know that the Radmind image has been updated. To do so, log in to the Mac using the tech account and double-click on the Radmind This Mac applet on the desktop. You'll be prompted for the tech password again; enter it and click OK. The Radmind procedure should start immediately, locking out the console with a white screen. When finished the machine will reboot automatically.

If you choose, you may also start a Radmind session from the command line. Open a Terminal window as tech and type the following command:

    sudo radmindWrapper

You'll be prompted for the tech password; enter it and the Radmind session will start.

(If you're comfortable with the UNIX command line, you can also type "radmindWrapper --help" to see other options for the script.)

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