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RCC Responsibility
Just a quick note since this is fairly new for the RCCs, and they may enlist you for help. Namely, the RCC is supposed to maintain the day-to-day tasks of keeping the printer stocked with paper and calling OPT for hardware issues. If they ask, the number for OPT is 800-660-6332.

Field Operative Responsibility
Field operatives are mainly there to take care of the printing script for the PCs, firmware updates, computer to printer related problems. The following are various issues that may crop up.

Common Problems

Printer Missing on PC list of printers
Restart the computer. The printer script only runs on startup. Restarting is supposed to clear all existing printers and set up the correct ones, including the default printer for that computer. For a computer in Kimball, e.g., the correct printer is KimballPrinter.

If this does not work, there may be a problem with the Windows hostname of the computer. You can check the computer name by getting properties on 'My Computer' and going to the 'Network Identification' tab. Check to see that the name of the computer is correct. You can also run the "Reconfigure this computer" task from the Symantec icon in the taskbar to reset the computer name. It will ask for a password. Enter the RCC password. This renames the computer.

If this too does not work, run the printer setup script manually. Log in with the tech login and password. Run \WinNT\printerscript.bat.

If this too doesn't work, there is a problem with the printer script. In the interim you can attempt to set up the printer manually if there is an urgent need to. However, the real problem is that the image is not correct and needs to be updated, so let Dana know that there's something wrong with the printer script.

Finding the MAC address of a printer
To figure out what the hardware network address is for a printer, we need to force the printer to print out its configuration. Go to the printer and press the menu button once to bring up the Information menu. Press select twice to select the option "Print Configuration". Press Ok to go ahead and do that. Read through the printout and you should find all the information you need to know.

Firmware updating/checking
To look up the firmware version of a printer or to update its firmware, go to the tech desk computer and direct the browser to Naboo on the alternate port. This will allow you to access the HP JetDirect WebAdmin utility where you can examine the status of all the printers and perform whatever task you want.

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