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PC-Leland Troubleshooting Guide

Can't log in, "Permission denied"
It is likely that the system time on this PC is incorrect, so PC-Leland cannot obtain a Kerberos ticket to authenticate you and let you on the system. To solve this, we're going to need to get into the system without PC-Leland. One way is the reboot the computer and hold shift as the blue screen with the little dialog saying "Windows 2000" shows up. Hold this until you see the login prompt. Now, log in as a tech and PC-Leland should self correct the time. Log out, and try to log in through PC-Leland normally. It should work now. Another way to fix the time is to circumvent PC-Leland, shown below.

Need to circumvent PC-Leland without rebooting?
Although there shouldn't be a real necessity to do this, this method could save you the time of having to reboot the PC to log in as a tech when PC-Leland won't let you in. Or, this could be used if you really don't want to log into PC-Leland...

On the PC-Leland login dialog, press CTRL-ALT-DEL. This should bring up the Windows Security dialog. Hold down CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT and click on the Log off button. Windows will ask you if you're sure about resetting the session. Say OK. Now, hold SHIFT like you normally would to bring up the login dialog. If you don't do this fast enough, you'll just log back in automatically as a user and you've gotten nowhere. If you did hold shift, you'll now be at the login prompt where you log in as a tech.

Don't want the PC-Leland login prompt for the user?
You shouldn't need to do this, but this is only for the curious among you. If you get to the Windows login prompt, press ESC to bring up the secure login prompt dialog which asks you to press CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up the login pompt. Do so, but quickly press and hold down SHIFT after. If done successfully, you'll log in as the user, but PC-Leland will not have loaded. So, you won't be locked out of the system. Click "Log off PC-Leland" to restore the prompt back to normal.

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