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Moving Equipment

When you're moving equipment, there are several things to remember. Make sure to lock down the equipment properly if you installed or took something apart in any public location. If you're taking in a computer and not a monitor, make sure you re-lock down the monitor somehow. Don't just lock it to itself. Also work in the wires of the keyboard and mouse to make it a complete tangle so that nothing can be stolen.

Also, remember to update the OSSuM inventory database, depending on what sort of move you just made.

Inventory Database - Temporary Equipment Moving
For any equipment bigger than a keyboard, meaning its in the OSSuM inventory database, make the following changes. Change the "Temporary" field to reflect its current temporary location and add notes to the "Notes" field or "Service History" if its being fixed. Note your name and date/time as well if you add entries to the textfields.

Inventory Database - Permanent Equipment Moving
Go to the OSSuM inventory and make sure to change the "Site" field and the "Label / NetDB Host Name" field. This applies to monitors as well for Rescomp. Also make a note in the "Notes" field, making sure to also note your name and date/time of the entry.

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