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Going to Microdisc

Before going
Look at the OSSuM inventory entry for the monitor/tower/desktop/item in question. You need the warranty number for it before going. The easiest way is just to print out the inventory sheet so you have all the relevant information you need.

In addition, when unlocking the item, remember to lock everything else back in a way that the lock still is useful. Namely, don't lock a monitor to itself if you took away the tower, because that doesn't really help. Lock it back to the table or loop it around something in such a way that it can't get ripped out easily.

At MicroDisk
Give the broken hardware to the people there and be ready to tell them what's wrong with it. Make sure you have the warranty number or have printed out a sheet that does reveal the number. You will receive an SRO, which is a service receipt. Do NOT lose this. Make sure you give this to Surajit if the hardware in question belongs to Rescomp or to Alan if it belongs to AComp.

Also, make sure you update the inventory database as detailed in the Moving Equipment guide.

Picking up an item
Bring the SRO back to MicroDisk, or else you won't be able to pick up the item. You will receive the item back along with another paper receipt. Make sure to give this back to Surajit or Alan. Now go put the hardware back where it's supposed to go.

Remember to update the inventory database as detailed in the Moving Equipment guide.

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